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There’s an outage right now, so I have no internet. The cable company said it should be back up and running in about an hour, so we’ll have to push the stream back to 11pm CST. SORRY, GUISE :-(

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21/06/12 @ 01:55am
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Someone messaged me asking if I could stream.. I think it was Creation tomorrow/tonight. My computer is down but I’m going to try my best to see if I cant still set it up for you. I lost the ask? I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete it but I lost it in my inbox apparently because I couldn’t find it. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you until now, and I’ll try and get another one of the lovedot to stream it! 



If answer to a is yes, proceed. If not go away and I still love you.

a) Does anyone have Creation?

b) Are you willing/can you stream it tonight?

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13/06/12 @ 08:42am
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I’m feeling a little better, but not up to fighting my computer tonight.

Its also a just very feelsy movie.